season of the snake:

I can see your eyes
Looking at me
Is there something missing
That you want me to see?

hidden in the dungeon
penetrate my flesh
in his secret lair
with a silver snake

the season of the snake

I see the gates of heaven
Open up to me
I hear the breath of the Evil
whispering my name

as the sickness takes me
i have lost control
penetrate my body
penetrate my soul 

i wait:

the silence overtakes us
as we step outside
in time we walk out miles
in a static light
i ask to go away but theres nowhere else left to hide
inside there's only violence
and a crushing need

i wait for you now,
i wait for someone else x2
to take me away

Dark knight you're gone tonight
with your sword you crossed the light
You told me death is not the end
But i'll never see you again
Hanging on the branch of sorrow
My heart is black I feel like a crow
Got no more reason to fight
I'm gonna leave tonight
Maybe i'll rest tonight

start to run:

fucking with him
fucking with her
to you, it dosent matter
to you they're all the same
the only difference that you ever make
well you've got so much to say when everybody's around
so lets see when we're all alone
well you will start to run

the light :

put your hands into the soil
your deeds are made of toil
as the lightning flashed out bright
you found a home in light
this is now your time to rest
we've made a bed of coins
give you time to close your eyes
watching over foreign sky
put your hands into the soil
your dreams are made of toil
look to the crimson sky
behind the rising ash
this is now your place to rest
we've made a bed of coins
follow the line to me
you will find the light x2
you are here to stay

play loud

We used to be a rabid dog pack

Where are you now?
This silence devours my guts
Please respond to me

In the darkness
In the cemetery
In front of my dead friends
I wanna play loud
i want this party on
let's get it on
Driving me insane

They say your body rots filled up with worms
But i'll never trust the vultures of the sun
So come on fight and wrest your chains
Rise up from the death


In the darkness
In the cemetary
In front of my dead friends
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